Our Sponsors

McCarthy Family Foundation (2016-present)
The McCarthy Family Foundation is a small private foundation established in 1988. Organized as a California public benefit nonprofit corporation, it operates from San Diego, California.
ViaSat (2008-present)
ViaSat produces satellites and other digital communication devices for companies and organizations. It works with consumers, businesses, and government customers by providing commercial ships, cars, aircrafts, satellite internet access, and global mobile satellite services. ViaSat has impacted the team by providing mentors.
Chief Digital Advisors (2017-present)
Founded in 2014, Chief Digital Advisors is a privately-held team of advisory translators and strategists that focus on aiding companies with e-commercial and digital marketing goals.
Nordson (2007-present)
Nordson ASYMTEK is an industry leader in automated fluid dispensing, jetting, and conformal coating throughout the world. Asymtek started sponsoring Team Paradox in 2007 and continues to be a big sponsor. Our lead mentors Stephen des Jardins and Roberta Foster-Smith, both employees of Asymtek, have spent countless hours working with the team. As well as sponsoring Team 2102, Asymtek sponsors eleven other FIRST® Robotics teams.
Qualcomm (2007-present)
Founded in 1985 in San Diego, Qualcomm designs, manufactures, and markets telecommunication devices. It also has facilities for aerospace, biotech, computer peripherals, multimedia, and software. Qualcomm has provided financial support to all of the San Diego teams.
Thomas C. Ackerman Foundation (2017-present)
Founded in 1991, the Thomas C. Ackerman Foundation provides funds and/or grants, originating from the Thomas C. Ackerman Estate, for organizations that eventually become self-sustaining.
PCH Litho(2016-present)
PCH Litho is a digital printing business founded in 1999, in Vista, California. Their vast facilities allow them to be able to house a variety of unique equipment and complete their in-house manufacturing. PCH Litho supports us by providing paper products from business cards to banners.
SAIC (2010-present)
SAIC is a global-wide cooperation that is known for it ethics, integrity, focus on customers, innovation, and customer service. It provides service in technical, engineering, and enterprise information technology markets. Mentor Wayne Knorek, employed at SAIC, has worked with the team in many areas including robot cart and pit design.
Premier Stainless (2016-present)
Premier Stainless is a local stainless steel manufacturing company that fabricates an array of tools and equipment.
Zodiac Pool Systems (2017-present)
An industry-leading global company founded in 1909, Zodiac Pool Systems delivers equipment for residential pools through leading brands. Matthew Golman, one of our founding team members, has been one of our lead mentors while also working for Zodiac Pool Systems.
State Farm (2018)
State farm is a group of insurance and financial aid companies founded in 1922 who help build strong communities through activities aimed at preventing and reducing injury and loss. State Farm supports programs that enable home ownership, help create safe neighborhoods, and make homes and highways safer.
Booz Allen Hamilton (2018)
A global management consultant firm founded by Booz Allen in 1914 that specializes in technological fields of study, including cybersecurity, analytics, digital solutions, engineering and science, and consulting. With over 24,225 members, Booz Allen Hamilton provides services to both public and private businesses internationally.

SolidWorks (2018)
SolidWorks is a 3D Computer Aided Design Software that most FIRST FRC teams employ in their design process. Sponsoring over 1100 FRC teams, SolidWorks is one of the major forces that makes it possible for FIRST to exist.

Pfizer (2018) 
Founded in 1849, Pfizer is an American pharmaceutical corporation whose 100,000 employees dedicate their time to develop affordable and accessible medicine to fulfill their mission of creating healthy lives for all.
Solar Turbines (2018) 
Solar Turbines is a world-wide company headquartered in San Diego that produces turbines that run on gas. Works to further oil and gas production and transmission and power generation.
AFCEA San Diego (2009-present)
The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association is a non-profit organization helping military, government, industry, and academia by providing a forum to exchange information. AFCEA supports several robotics organizations.
NML (2017-present)
NML is a locally owned private machine shop, owned by the parent of one of our senior team members. They support us through monetary sponsorship as well as through excess tools and machine parts.
Leichtag Foundation (2018)
The Leichtag Foundation honors the legacy of Lee and Toni Leichtag through inspiring self-sufficiency and stimulating social entrepreneurship. The Leichtag Foundation has granted over 119 million dollars to 391 different organizations, including ours. 
 JQ Green America (2018)
JQ Green America is a lighting company founded in 2004. In 2012, JQ opened a warehouse in San Diego, California. They specialize in LED bulbs, citing the environmental and physical danger of traditional mercury bulbs.
 SDA Associated Student Body (2007-present)
The SDA Associated Student Body is a student-run fundraising organization from the school, San Dieguito High School Academy. It sets up fundraisers for not only the Robotics team, Team Paradox, but also other academic teams such as Speech and Debate and the Academic Team.
 Preseason Parent Contributions (-)
Preseason parent contributions consist of about $5,000 of our annual income. Each year, parents are asked to make a small donation to cover the costs of food and contribute to other annual expenses.