This Build Season is Lining Up to be Our Best Yet- and Here's Why.

We are only eight days into the 2018 FRC build season, and yet it's clear to see that this year will be one of our best yet- both competitively and in terms of overall growth. 

Paradox has placed heavy emphasis on rookie education for the past three years. In 2015, we invented our own Rookie Education Program: Geared Learning. Since then, our rookie retention rate has lingered around 90%, a drastic improvement from our previous years. 

Being able to utilize prepared rookies has drastically increased our productivity as a team, from Engineering to Outreach. 

Another key factor in our recent growth has been planning. By implementing communication/planning tools such as Ryver and Trello, our Engineering team has been able to successfully keep all students, mentors, and teachers in the loop throughout the build process. 

Perhaps the most significant factor in this year's projected success is what we call the Paradox Attitude. A Paradoxian always includes fellow students, learns with his/her peers, and strives for the best solution possible. Together, we make our team the best it can be. 

Check out our first Build Season Update and Kickoff video below:

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