Project: Launchpad 🚀

Project: Launchpad 🚀

What is Launchpad?

Team Paradox is always searching for ways to get our members involved. Although we have our highest level of leadership, we also like to create opportunities to make everyone a leader.  Introducing our new launchpad initiative. 

How does it work?

Once a month our whole team gathers in a virtual meeting in which we go through everyone's fresh ideas.  Rather than passing these ideas off to our leadership and having them execute new activities, we form groups of people interested in the idea and have them plan the whole thing under the advice of our All-Team Presidents. 

Why We Love It

We get everyone involved. Throughout quarantine, teams are become evermore disconnected and we think that launchpad is the perfect solution to this. 

How You Can Implement It:

We love our launchpad initiative and we encourage all teams to get involved with it. This project is the perfect way to have members of the team partake in leadership positions and get one step closer to the FIRST mission of educating students in the skills of communication, leadership, and self-confidence. Here's how you can create your own launchpad:

1. Create some way of organizing your launchpad

Our team uses a platform called notion to keep track of all our teams ideas, groups working on the ideas, etc. You can see what our notion looks like in the image of this post.

2. Get the word out to your team

We promoted via our weekly email and weekly team meeting. Our first Launchpad meet had over 30 participants, including students and mentors. 

3. Blast Off!

Host your meeting, gather and take notes on all of your ideas, and after boiling it down to a few main ideas, find someone who is super interested and see if they would like to lead the project. From here, have weekly check-ins with them and have them plan the meetings, agendas, and action steps for the project. Try your best not to get too involved as this allows for the project lead to get leadership experience. Also be sure not to have the same person lead all of the projects so everyone gets a chance to get involved. 

How did our Launchpad Initiative go?

After our first meeting, our executive team identified a few key people who were very interested in getting more involved on the team. As an executive team, we asked these individuals if they would like to lead various FIRST FRC challenges, like the innovation and game design challenges, and they have been leading those projects since then. Each week, we check in with them, make sure they are meeting their goals and deadlines, and most importantly, making sure they are getting valuable leadership experience. 

If you wanna learn more about notion and how we use it, stay tuned for another blog post about it so you can streamline your teams organization system. 

If you have any questions about how to get your own launchpad going feel free to email us ( or DM us on Instagram (@team2102). 

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