Meet Our NEW 2018 Sponsors!

We couldn't do half the things we do today without our Sponsors. Whether they support us monetarily, or through donation of goods/human resources, these companies make up a significant chunk of the resources that keep us going. 

This year, we are excited to welcome Booz Allen Hamilton, Solar Turbines, Pfizer, and State Farm to our robotics family. By becoming sponsors, these companies are fueling our futures- and theirs. Many of our Paradox Alumni end up working with our sponsors and making the tech advances of tomorrow.  

Booz Allen Hamilton is a global management consultant firm founded by Booz Allen in 1914 that specializes in technological fields of study, including cybersecurity, analytics, digital solutions, engineering and science, and consulting. With over 24,225 members, Booz Allen Hamilton provides services to both public and private businesses internationally. Booz Allen Hamilton recently became a FIRST Strategic Partner, and is one of only 18 companies/organizations to do so. They started supporting individual teams in 2008, and have been an asset to most, if not all FIRST programs available. 

Solar Turbines is a world-wide company headquartered in San Diego that produces turbines that run on gas. Works to further oil and gas production and transmission and power generation. Solar Turbines also supports the SuperNurds (FRC 3255), one of our neighboring teams, and fellow San Diego Regional competitor. Solar Turbines gets the word out about FIRST- whether to its employees or to the community. It's a special day when your sponsor cares as much about FIRST as you do! 

Pfizer, founded in 1849, is an American pharmaceutical corporation whose 100,000 employees dedicate their time to develop affordable and accessible medicine to fulfill their mission of creating healthy lives for all. Pfizer has supported us by providing computers, which we use for programming, driving, outreach, and more. Pfizer also supports the Aluminum Falcons, another team in our school district, as well as two other teams in our area. 

Last but not least, State Farm is a group of insurance and financial aid companies founded in 1922 who help build strong communities through activities aimed at preventing and reducing injury and loss. State Farm supports programs that enable home ownership, help create safe neighborhoods, and make homes and highways safer. State farm sponsors teams across the United States, from Virginia to Georgia to California. They also contribute human resources in the form of one of mentors, Sharon Strich. 

If you see someone you know (or don't) from any of these companies, make sure to give them a big THANKS! These are the people that keep our program and others like it running. 

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